My Talk on Capturing the Perfect Sunset @ Toa Payoh Library

So it has all happened to us before. You invest in a vacation to a nice scenic location, got all your camera gear with you and all you get is overcast skies and bland lighting. You spend hours tracking up a hill and the sunset is mediocre at best. So is there a way to avoid these disappointments and predict when you will get a beautiful sunrise or sunset?

Epic Sunset today

Saw the conditions were perfect today for a good sunset and took a walk down to Chinese Garden. I wasn't the only one there trying to capture the sunset, but I manage to get a good spot.


Venus Optics Laowa 15mm f/4 Macro Lens

To be honest it is a bit weird shooting macro on such a wide lens. You can get really up close to the object, within millimetres of the subject. 


The infinity focus allows you to use it as a wide 15mm lens with up to 6mm shift. But there is significant vignetting.  


Upon further reading up on the tech specs it is only recommended to be used in APSC mode when using the shift functions.